Tuesday, October 2, 2007

What will you do with your time today?

Our home has been in a little bit of disarray over the last four months so it's nice to finally be setting up a new home AND have my husband here with us. He's still learning the ropes of what it means to be a chaplain in the Army, and I'm still adjusting to being home and not going to work for a company, but it feels good...it feels real good!

I haven't blogged much lately because I've been trying to get my new home in order and, more than anything, I have so much on my mind that I'm not even sure how to begin putting it into words. I guess one of the nagging questions on my mind is how will I handle it when it's my husband's turn to go to war, and how can I reach out to those in my path right now. I'm meeting women whose husbands are there right now or have just returned and it's very difficult for them and I'm not really sure what to do or say. I've not really been there yet. The six months my husband was in a war zone while in the Air Force doesn't seem to compare to what they are facing now. I know the Lord will guide me as he was faithful to do yesterday, but we both covet your prayers as we seek the Lord's guidance in how to minister to those we come into contact with. We also ask that you pray for our soldiers and their families. If they don't come to mind every day, set out some sort of reminder for yourself.

We're learning this very quickly - it's a very difficult time for them right now and they need people praying for them, as well as encouraging and getting involved in their lives if you know them. If you know of a family who has a deployed family member, go visit them today. Take them cookies and ask them how you can help. Pray with them. Take their kids for a while or ask to stay with them while they run some errands. Take them meals. Anything to let them know you are thinking of them and want to be there for them in a time of great need. Do something! If you know of someone, but aren't close by, send them a card or gifts or something; give them a call. You never know the impact you might have on their lives this very day...

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