Thursday, October 4, 2007

Go Big Daddy Weave!

On Saturday evening Big Daddy Weave came for us to enjoy a free concert here on post. I say, "Go Big Daddy Weave!" because they didn't perform for us; they lead us in worship! It was an amazing time of worshipping and praising God, and my family was so grateful for that. They did a great job of leading, even having PowerPoint there for us to join in, and we were blessed. There was one song where they had us all jumping up and down and I looked over to see the twins and my husband laughing and having such a good time together. It made me stop (in my mind because we couldn't stop jumping!) and thank the Lord for the beauty I saw in their faces as they worshipped God together, and for the confirmation once again that I felt in my heart that we are where we are supposed to be in this moment in time.

Their song, "Every Time I Breathe" was a tool God used to get me through the summer without my husband, and I could tell there were many others there at the concert that it must have touched in a similar way.

Thank you, Big Daddy Weave, for following God's calling on your lives and for coming out to lead us in an awesome time of worship.

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