Friday, December 7, 2007

A very powerful song...

"What Soldiers Do" Lyrics
by Monk & Neagle from the album The Twenty-First Time

Come and walk with me, my son
I need to share my heart
Tomorrow when the morning comes
I’m headed off to war

Take care of your mother
And your little brother, too
I’m praying that I’ll be home soon
So I can be with you

I know you’re only 10 years old
I know that you’re afraid
But I need you to be brave for me
And for the family

I know it’s hard to see me cry
But put your mind at ease
God is watching over us
So we can be at peace

With all my heart
I can’t wait to tuck you in
And sing a song to you

Son, stand strong
Love is the reason I would give myself for you
‘Cause that’s what Soldiers do

Remember what I taught you now
About how to be a man
Talk with God throughout the day
He will help you stand

With faith to see, hope to believe
And love for everyone
Know that I’m so proud of you
And I will always love you, son

With all my heart
I want to take you to our favorite place
And catch a fish or two
Son, stand strong
Love is the reason I would give myself for you
‘Cause that’s what Soldiers do

As I go, I want you to know if I don’t make it home
You are gonna be alright
I’m telling you, son, you’re gonna touch the sky
Don’t lose hope, just lift your eyes
We’ll be together again some day

So with all my heart
Hold on to Jesus, son
And He will lead you through

Son, stand strong
You may never go to war
But you’re a soldier, too

And when you have a son like you
Teach him to fight for what is true
‘Cause that’s what Soldiers do
This sign hangs just outside our post, and songs like this hit home for many, many people. My neighbor is preparing for her husband to return from the war next week, while others are preparing for theirs to leave. My heart aches for them. People all over the world are preparing for the holidays, but to know that we have Soldiers away from home makes it more difficult to enjoy. My two Soldiers will be in safe territory this year and I am grateful for that, but I feel for those who aren't. Spending time with those young Soldiers on Thanksgiving did something to me. It made them more real. I see Soldiers every day and for some reason I didn't seem to feel the sting of deployment so much until recently. Maybe because my husband is away more these days and the thought of him going off to war lingers in my mind. I don't know. What I do know is that I, too, am grateful for those who serve our country, who care more about others than themselves, who are willing to fight for freedom no matter the cost. I'm honored that my husband and son are serving and I pray they always know how much they are appreciated. I pray that we all will tell our Soldiers how much we appreciate what they do this Christmas. Give them the gift of knowing they are important and lift them up in prayer.

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Paulette said...

I cant even listen to this song anymore, it is just to sad for me. When I first bought Monk and neagle when it first came out I thought about you but I cant listen to it. I just wish the war would end real quick.
Until thenn I will continue to pray!!
Can't wait to see you soon.