Sunday, December 2, 2007

We heard from our son yesterday and all is well. He is enjoying his training and making new friends. We had not heard anything since Thanksgiving so I was trying hard not to worry about it and praying every time he came to mind. Last night I just stopped what I was doing and just asked God to let us know that he was OK. His girlfriend got a call just a few minutes later! He had told her he was calling us next time he got the chance, but I wrote him on Monday to tell him he could call her since his dad is in the field. I know how hard it can be when you're not sure when your next phone call will be and I didn't want him to feel torn. She needed that call anyway!

I haven't heard from my husband yet today and I'm praying all is well. He had a very long, hard Ruck March last night and 5 services to preach today. I know he is excited about preaching so I can't wait to hear from him! The twins and I spent some time on our knees praying last night as we knew he was out marching for the night. It was so sweet to hear them praying for their dad and all the Soldiers with him, and their brother and the other Airmen training with him right now. I feel so blessed to have such fine young boys. I can't thank God enough for them!

We're about to head out to church. I am so happy God led us to this church off post. It has been such a blessing. I look forward to worshipping with other believers this morning! Nothing takes the place of the one-on-one time time of worship between me and God, but this is so important, too. I'm thankful that all over the world today Christians are gathering together to worship and honor God. There's just something so amazing about that! I'm so moved to think that today, even though we are apart, my husband and I will both be worshipping the same God. The services will be very different - I'll be sitting in a warm church, in a comfortable pew, while he'll be standing out in a cold field of snow, probably with a few Humvees to shelter them from the wind, worshipping with other Soldiers.

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