Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Infantry Soldiers

This morning my husband forgot his reflective belt so he called me to ask if I would bring it to him so he wouldn't miss his run. Of course I would, but not without grumbling to myself a little. As I turned the corner to the road which leads to his office I saw probably 20 or 30 Soldiers running in the cold morning air with their shorts on, or walking in their ACUs or shorts and combat boots, with ruck sacks on their back.

I immediately felt horrible for even being the least bit aggravated that I had to wake up from my warm bed, jump in my cold car, drive on the icy roads and hustle to do something for the man who loves me more than anyone on this earth...and then to see those Soldiers and realize they all (including my husband) had already been up for at least an hour or so and were doing probably the same thing they do every day so that they are fit for battle, when and if that day comes.

They're not men who put on suits and sit behind a fancy desk in a warm office; they are real, live Soldiers who are willing to fight for the freedoms we all enjoy. They are willing to get up early and keep themselves in shape so that they can fight if they're called upon to do so and I think the world of them for that. They work long, hard hours and train constantly no matter the conditions outside...rain, snow, extremely cold or hot weather, whatever the day brings. I know because I hear the gun-fire all the time, day and night.

It was a beautiful reminder to me to be grateful for the easy life I have and to look at those who are serving our country with great respect. It's not an easy life for them, I'm certain of that, and I'm grateful for these Infantry Soldiers who choose to live it anyway.


MaryLu said...

I just stumbled across your blog from Gentle Whisper.
I'm adding you to my list, I think we are in the same area, geographically. I recognize the mountain, the trees anthills and esp the sign that hangs near the Freedom Bridge.
I'd love to get to know you better, my DH is at CHBOLC right now, we are prior service and have been stationed here since Sep 02. We are longing to get back into the military life, I feel so lost in the civilian world. Some may think that to be strange but we know our calling from God is to minister to soldiers and their families.
Please check out my blog, you can email me from there or just leave a comment.
Have a blessed day.

ABW said...

What a great reminder of what they do while we are still in bed.

Tim said...

Laura, thank you for the words about our soldiers and their dedication. It is their dedicated service to our country that makes them such a special mission field for us. Give your husband a great big hug for us and thank him for carrying the hope of Christ to our troops.