Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Celebrating 21 Years of Marriage

7,665 days ago I married the man of my dreams and my very best friend. Today, I sit here thinking about those 21 years and all that we have been through together and I am thankful. Thankful. Thankful for:
  • The blessing of sharing this life with such an amazing, wonderful man
  • The blessing of having and raising our four beautiful children together
  • The opportunity to know what it is to be loved unconditionally by another human being
  • A husband who loves the Lord and desires to live for Him
  • Being married to a Soldier - a Soldier who serves both God and country
  • Knowing my husband's heart
  • A husband who loves spending time with me and our kids more than anything
  • Our marriage. We were young when we got married, but we grew up together and have many wonderful experiences to look back on and know that the Lord was/is with us every step of the way

I could go on and on, but more than anything I want him to know how much he means to me and that I couldn't be happier with the life we have together. I know there might be days ahead of us when we might not be able to spend our anniversary together and I want to cherish this one, as well as every day of our lives together.

Thank you, Kevin, for 21 wonderful years. I love you with all my heart and cherish your love and friendship. You're an amazing man and I can't imagine life without you. Thank you for all the many ways you bless my life. I am truly blessed to be your wife!


Meredith said...

Happy Anniversary! You, your husband, and his soldiers were in my prayers tonight.

Dawn said...

Awww Congratulations to you both! What a blessing it is for younger wives to see that yes, marriages actually do last longer than 6 months :)
A marriage centered in Christ is much easier than one without Him, that's for sure.

Warm wishes and prayers for another 20 years of marital blessings,