Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Joy! ...May it be evident!

This morning, as I was cleaning out my refrigerator (I hate to do that!) and singing praise songs, excited as can be about my husband getting home this afternoon, I found myself listening intently to a song from Third Day, called May Your Wonders Never Cease. As I was singing it to the Lord, I realized my joy for the Lord should be as evident as the joy I was feeling over my husband returning. Had I not known my husband was returning today, would I have been so full of joy? I'm not certain. Maybe I would have. I would have spent that time cleaning and singing to God, but would I have been so excited about why I was concerned with cleaning. I love cleaning, really cleaning, when I know he is coming home and hasn't had a clean thing around him for days.

I love my husband more than anything on this earth, but nothing, even that, compares to the love I have for the Savior, yet sometimes I know that isn't so visible. I desire to "be reminded of His grace" as the song says, and I pray that "His name be glorified...above all others, above this world, above everything else that is in our lives." It was a great reminder to me this morning about what it means to let your light shine for Jesus. There's nothing wrong with getting excited about my husband returning home, or thinking about the things of this world that make me happy...but I don't want to allow anything to take the place of Jesus and the relationship He desires to have with me. I want His love to be all I need...and everything else to be an added blessing. Even the love of my husband.

I was going to post the song I mentioned above, but then I saw this video and it truly says it all. Jesus gave up His own life beause of His great love for us. The video below shows his beating, and it's not pretty, but I think we all need to realize it wasn't pretty. His death was horrific, ugly, gruesome, terrible...but He loved us that much. I cry every time I watch the Jesus film, from which this was taken. He suffered greatly for each one of us. His love is real!

My prayer this morning is that YOU would know the love of Jesus...whoever listens, may YOU be touched by his great mercy and forgiveness and, if you don't know Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior, that you would give your life to Him. He loves you so much more than I could ever express, but the cross says it all. If you do know Him, I pray you would forever live your life as one who brings glory to His name so that others are drawn to Jesus. There is NO GREATER JOY in all the earth, than knowing Jesus Christ!

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