Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Thankful for the phone calls

Last night I struggled as I had not heard from my husband since early that morning. Some people would think that was a bit silly...that is if you're not in the military or don't know the feeling of being seperated from your spouse for any great length of time. Just a simple, short phone call can make all the difference in the world.

About 10:30 last night I hated that I hadn't heard from him. I knew he was probably either working late, or had fallen off to sleep thinking I was probably already asleep and didn't want to wake me. I hoped that wasn't the case and gave him a quick call, thinking if he came in late he would know I was up and could call (not that it matters to me in the least bit if he calls and wakes me up!). He didn't answer. I prayed he would call, even if only for a minute. My prayer was answered. It was short and sweet. Pretty much, "Hi babe. How are you?...I'm fine...it's freezing out here so I'll call again in the morning." That was all I needed!

This morning we were able to talk probably five or ten minutes. The amount of time never seems to matter, just hearing his voice. He hasn't showered since last Thursday and it's dusty, dirty, cold and windy. He's worn out, missing his family, and wishing he could sleep in a bed, his bed...beside me. He asked how the kids were and how things were on the home front. I told him good, and we talked about the kids and the things they have going on. We talked about missing each other and looking forward to his short return tomorrow night, before he is gone again for another week.

It's short, it's simple, it's beautiful. I tell myself, "Cherish every moment. Cherish the phone calls. Cherish those words, 'I miss you!' and 'I love you!'...Hold on to all of it!" My husband isn't down range, just in the field. My heart aches for the men and women who are, and the families they leave behind. I can't help but think about them every day. These are only my thoughts, what I experience. Imagine the thoughts of those who haven't seen their spouse in over a year, not just a few days. I don't want them to be forgotten. I don't want them to feel alone. I don't want them to feel abandoned. Lord, bring them safely home!


LAURIE said...

We absolutely need to cherish every moment. My son is coming home in two weeks for a short leave, he is leaving in August for a year in korea, and I believe knowing my time is short with him for awhile, I cling to every word he speaks and I don't think I am going to let go of him the entire time he is home for two weeks.

My heart hurts like yours for those that are separated for so long. And pray for them like they are my own, realizing it could be us in their shoes one day.

Thanks for sharing today Laura, and am glad that your hubby was able to call. -God bless, Laurie

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to thank you for your blog. My husband is an associate pastor who feels called into the chaplaincy. He will likely begin the application process at the end of this year. I found your blog as I was searching the web for info on the chaplaincy and specifically chaplain's wives. Thank you for sharing your experiences. They have ministered to me as we prepare for that next chapter, and pray for God's perfect timing. God is answering your prayer!

Wilfredo Mora said...

lets continue praying for those who are deployed overseas...for strong, peace in their hearts, and hope to return soon back to home. Lets pray and ask God to cover them with his wings and power (PSALM 91).

Lauren said...

I have had the same realization, just to cherish the times I get with my husband. Right now we work opposite schedules and barely see each other, so when I visit him on his 30 minute break we have really come to appreciate those moments. As always thank you for opening up to all of us!

MaryLu said...

Many of the wives I just met a few short weeks ago will be saying goodbye to their husbands sometime this year. They are new to the military and new to these long separations. I am reminded of how important that communication is when we as husbands and wives are separated. I looked forward with great anticipation to our "dates" on the computer when we would chat online most mornings during Bear's last deployment.
I am praying for those Chaplains and their wives as they seek to glorify God in their separate, but equally important callings.
Thanks for sharing your heart Laura.