Saturday, April 12, 2008

That smile...

My husband is currently in the field with his Soldiers and this morning he called me to bring something to him. As he was walking towards me I noticed that smile that I see every time he has the opportunity to spend time with his Soldiers in the field. It's that smile that says, "I love what I do...I love ministering to these Soldiers...all is well."
Thursday afternoon he had emergency oral surgery and was put on quarters for three days. I knew that wouldn't keep him from going. His commitment to them, and his integrity make me proud of him. Although I would have loved to have him home for the weekend, I'm happy that he has that feeling of it not being fair to lay around the house while the other men are out training.


We were out relaxing on the beach! It's actually hot here today so there's no way we were staying inside. We packed up lunch and headed out to enjoy the sunshine. I'm still in awe of the fact that we were sitting on a beach looking out at snow capped mountains!
We miss you when you're away, but EVERY DAY we are proud of you, babe!

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