Friday, May 2, 2008

God is with You...

"When you expect to have two minutes and God gives you two hours..."

Smith Family Story

I was so moved by this video that I wanted to share it. To visit Angie's blog click here. I've been reading her blog for some time now and kept meaning to add a link to it for other people to read. I pray you are blessed by this story.


Paulette said...

I have read the Smiths blog forever. There are many families I have been to online that deal with these devastations with there babies. Its unreal. There is SO much of this kind of pain in the blogsphere. Looks like you have visited allot of the same blogs I do.
Have a good day.

MaryLu said...

I didn't know about this family and what they just went through. What a blessing it was to watch the video of their story.
You didn't warn me I would need tissues.
Thank you for sharing the link.