Friday, June 27, 2008

Back in the great state of Texas!

Two planes and 11 hours of traveling later, I finally arrived at the place I once called home. I must say though, it was well worth it! I'm spending the first two days with my friend, Allyn. She's always a source of sunshine in my life! One of the toughest things for me was when several of my close friends had their babies and I couldn't be there to see told them not to let them grow too quickly so I could still see them as babies. I'm so glad I arrived in time to not miss this adorable stage...

I've already discovered there are a few things I'm no longer used to since I've moved to the Pacific Northwest:

1. Air-conditioning! Wow... Being that I'm so cold natured, I think I like that about where I live now. I might change my mind if it ever gets really hot, but for now I like it that way.

2. Warm weather all day long...from that first step out the door in the morning, to late in the evening. It's definitely something I don't experience anymore. I missed that so much that I'm going to try not to complain when it reaches 100 degrees!

3. Super-friendly people. It's wonderful to be back in the south!!! It's no longer awkward to smile at complete strangers...and they even smile back! :)

4. Sweet Tea...without me being the one to make it! I can get it in the restaurants and they know what I mean when I say I'd like tea. It doesn't come to me in a tiny tea cup, hot.

Today I'll have the opportunity to go to my old company and see old bosses and friends. This evening I'll be spending time with some of my friends from our church family. I'm really looking forward to all of it! Tomorrow I'll get to see my son!!!!! I REALLY can't wait for that! God is so good and I thank Him for the blessing of being here for a short while. I already miss my husband and pray he is well back home...poor thing has to work like crazy, with no end in sight. He's so happy I got to come here while he's out in the field and not really able to spend much time with me this summer. (Remember to pray for our Soldiers who are sacrificing greatly right now!)

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