Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm lovin' it!!!

There are few things in life that compare to spending time with your kids. When you haven't seen them in six months, it's almost overwhelming. Spending time with my son today has been absolutely WONDERFUL!

The moment I saw him I started crying because I was no longer looking at a kid; I was looking at a man. He came walking out the door with this huge smile on his face as I was pulling up to the house and I couldn't hold back the tears. He looks so good! Being here with my son is better than I even imagined over and over in my mind. We're also spending the day with his girlfriend, Hannah. Getting to know her better has been wonderful, too. She's a sweetheart...and beautiful!
God has been so good, and being here has been such a huge blessing for me. Yesterday I surprised friends and my old boss at the company I used to work for and that was a lot of fun! Popping my head around the corner of my old boss' office, just like I always used to do, was so funny, and walking up to people's desks and surprising them was so much fun, too. I also sat and talked with friends I had not seen in over nine months and it felt as though I'd never been gone. We talked, and laughed, and looked at pictures. Oh...and time holding all these babies was great! They are all beautiful! This little one we, as a church family, prayed for for a long, long time. Finally getting to hold this precious answer to all our prayers was so special. I thank the Lord for allowing me the opportunity to see everyone, and I especially thank Him for the opportunity to spend all this time with my son. I can't wait for all my kids to be together again (next Friday!!!).


Paulette said...

SO good to see you, even if in a picture lol!!! I love the picture of Karl and Hannah, she is beautiful!!
Have fun on your visit Laura so glad you finally saw K.

Sheryll said...

Okay, now I'm crying again! Today's worship music was great and it made me cry. Then they showed a patriotic video that showed the sacrifices of our soldiers and the sacrifice that Jesus made for us on the cross; it made me cry. Seeing you and Karl together, made me cry again. But these are happy tears for you! I'm so happy that you two are together! Enjoy every minute! I miss you! Love,Sheryll

Kristina said...


My name is Kristina and we met, on-line, back in May.

I hope you have a wonderful time with your son and your remaining time in Texas. We are so proud of him and have begun to pray for all our military!

I've finished reading your Blogs. They are like a book to me.

Thank you for sharing your love for the King and your family. It's contagious.

After I read your blogs, I jump up and find myself thinking about God more and it spilling out in the things I do for my husband and baby.

My husband knows about you and he's reading your blog too. We are also reading 'The Faith of the American Solider' by Stephen Mansfield.

We recently went out on a lunch date and the entire conversation was about your husband and the role he plays in the military combined with your family life.

You are ministering to people you've never even met. Way to Go on using the internet for the Glory of God!

(We feel weird talking about a family we've never even met, but your blog stories have proved valuable information about the family life of Chaplians in the military).

My husband and I decided that the ARMY should post your blog on their Chaplian web-site. I feel like your blogs have given us a healthy expectation of what reality will be. Which the older I get, the more I realize the lines between reality and expectation needs to be very close to one another for a healthy life.

(Honestly, I had no idea that Chaplain's work so much while at post).

(Currently, my husband works at a church and easily hits 60 hours a week).

For us, the call to Chaplaincy is getting louder and louder. We feel an inward call and there are some outward callings that are occuring that could only be orchestrated by God Himself.

However, it's a scary feeling to leave your hormal life of civilian mission work behind and become missionaries in the US Military.

I'll keep you posted. He begins Seminary in the Fall, we've still got some time ahead of us.

However, know that You and your family are in our prayers, here in sunny Florida. Maybe one day, this side of eternity, we can meet face to face.


LAURIE said...

I am so glad for you to have this time with your son. and his girlfriend is so beautiful. Enjoy your time and soak in each moment with your son! -Blessings, Laurie