Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's quiet here...

Tonight by husband is working late...really late...and our twins are asleep (in Texas) and my daughter and her boyfriend are out on a date. I don't remember the last time it was this quiet around here. I have a lot I need to do, but I decided I'd enjoy a few minutes (well...what turned out to be a wonderful hour and a half) on the phone with my friend, Sheryll, and some time online catching up with my bloggin' buddies. Then I can get back to work!

The moving/settling into the new home is going well. My daughter and I took a long walk by the lake this morning and then tackled the garage. It was nice to get a huge job that laid before us finally done. The walk by the lake was wonderful. It's probably my favorite part about living here. My daughter talked about loving the area because you can smell the outdoors here, not the city life we were accustomed to in Texas. I never really thought about that before she said it, but it's definitely true. The scenary was breathtaking as we rounded the corner and saw the lake before us and the sun trying to peek through. It made me look forward to my trip to Texas where the water will be warm and I can swim in it.

While it's summer back in Texas, it feels more like early spring here. We finally have had some warmer days lately, but it's still nothing like Texas. I am almost always in a jacket, and the kids tell me I can wear shorts, but if I try to I'm just too cold. I am looking forward to waking up to warm weather and going outside to read my bible on my visit to Texas! I know...some people might think that is a strange thing to look forward to, but I love to wake up early, grab my bible and head outside and then later going for a long walk. I hope to do that every morning when I'm visiting my family at the lake!

It's just a little over a week before I go and I'm getting excited. At least once a day I imagine walking towards my son and giving him a huge hug. It's been six months since I've seen him and God knew I could only make it a little longer. I miss him like crazy!!!

Well, my daughter's home...gotta go!

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