Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Attitude!

Today has been much better. I am almost finished with my room (where the bulk of the hard work seemed to lie), and then I can begin cleaning. My husband is in the field all week...hence, that has a lot to do with me being tired and cranky. I've now officially done the packing without him for three places since our first year in the Army. Even if he was home, I wouldn't let him do the work. What he does every day far outweighs the things I have to accomplish for this move. I did hand him a brillo pad while he was taking a shower on Monday morning before he left for work! Praise the Lord for one - least favorite - cleaning job accomplished!

I wanted to take a few minutes just to say that I am grateful for a husband who says the tough stuff. He speaks the truth in love. I needed to hear, "You've only had negative things to say about our new house." I realize that isn't good for anyone, and no one likes to be around negativity. My poor friend, Sheryll, has been so good to me these last few days when I've not had a lot of positive things to say. What a great friend she is! Just being around her makes me feel better. And, holding her new grandson yesterday was relaxing and wonderful. He is adorable!! It took me back to when our twins were so tiny. You forget how little their features can be. I loved it when his tiny fingers wrapped around mine. Here's a sweet picture of grandmother and grandbaby...The twins are excited as can be about the move. They get their own rooms, and we're just steps away from the lake where they can fish anytime they want to. It doesn't get much better than that for two young boys! Thank you to those who are lifting me up in prayer. I really appreciate it!


LAURIE said...

It sounds like you are much like me...under stress....usually everyone around me knows (and feels) my stress. I am praying that you will accomplish all that you need to, and in the meantime take at least 30 minutes to step away from it and do something for LAURA. It will help alot (and the kids will appreciate the new mindset afterwards!....ha ha). -Blessings and prayers, Laurie

Paulette said...

Iam praying for you Laura, moving is a hard job and you have done it so much lately. I wish I could be helping you.
It will be better soon.

Cara said...


I recently found your blog simply by surfing the web. I've come back to it many times and have greatly enjoyed reading your entries. Thank you for being so transparent to your readers. I've been so encouraged.

My husband and I are living at his seminary campus in California as he finishes his degree (and serves in full time youth ministry). After that, we're not sure where God will take us, but we are feeling certain draws that need to be prayed over. (We still have two years or so here.) The unknown is exciting, but I want to keep an accurate perspective on reality, no matter what kind of ministry circumstances we end up in. Your blog has helped me to do that as we pray through the future. So, thanks!


Laura said...


Thanks for contacting me. I'd love to chat via email if you'd like to send your address. I won't post it. It may be a week or two before I can write back as we are in the middle of a move (as you know). I'd love to hear from you! I'll add you to my prayer list. God bless you and yours as you seek the Lord and your husband finishes seminary.