Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Congratulations Chaplain!

My husband called today to tell me he was told he was nominated for an award - the Witherspoon Award. Since I've never heard of it, I decided to google it and this is what I found out: The Witherspoon Award is given each year to a Chaplain of the Armed Forces who demonstrates a unique commitment to Bible reading and/or who encourages Bible reading in a special way. Each year the award rotates among the three branches of the US Military: Army, Navy and Air Force. (Marines and Coast Guard are honored under the Navy branch.) Given in cooperation with the Chief of Chaplains of each branch of the military, the award is named for the famous World War I and WWII Chaplain, Maurice Witherspoon who served as a Trustee of the National Bible Association from 1946 until his death in 1978. (Taken from the National Bible Association website.)

I believe it is awarded sometime in November.

I am SO PROUD of you, babe! Congratulations on the nomination. That alone is a great honor. You're a wonderful chaplain!!!


Paulette said...

Congratulations Kevin, you are amazing at what the Lord has called you to do for him!!
What a great honor.
You are always in my prayers.

MaryLu said...

That is such an honor, even though the Chaplain branch is relatively small, that's still thousands to choose from!
Well done!!

Monica said...

Congratulations!! What a honor to be nominated!

LAURIE said...

Congrats! I know you are proud of your man even without the award! But once in awhile it is nice to be recognized for our efforts. Keep up the good work Chaplain! -Blessings, Laurie