Saturday, July 26, 2008

If You're Not Where You Want to Be...Or Going Where You Want to Go...

This morning a friend of mine, whom I met through my blog, emailed to tell me they finally have orders to their first post. Her husband is finishing up chaplain training and will soon be ministering to soldiers! Some might think that those of us who trust in the Lord never have feelings of disappointment or a longing to be somewhere else, but that just isn't true. There are times when we have to trust not what we are feeling, but the One who knows the plans He has for us. She is in the midst of that right now. Feelings of excitement, and disappointment that she will leave the place she loves living now, flood her heart and mind. I sent a return email and then later thought about other families who might be experiencing that right now, or are awaiting orders and are nervous about where God might send them, so I've made a few small changes since this is public, but this is the jest of what I wrote back:

I know exactly how you feel. I really wanted to go to Colorado. The post we ended up being assigned to was our 2nd choice, mainly because we had never been anywhere near this area, but I really wanted our 1st choice to be a little closer to family and all; plus I knew that area and loved it. I remember the feelings I had the day we found out, and some of it was much like the sick feeling in my stomach you described. This meant we would be over 3,000 miles from our two oldest kids and family...

BUT...GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING! Trust Him completely in this! Once we arrived, we knew it would be OK. In fact, on the drive up here, we knew it would be OK. There are days I don't like it here, but knowing that God has us here for a reason makes all the difference in the world. It truly does. The people aren't as friendly like we are used to in the south, there aren't that many churches, but it's a beautiful place and there are thousands upon thousands of soldiers who need chaplains here...hundreds upon hundreds who need my husband, their chaplain. That makes it worth it! You WILL see the hand of God when you get there. Now is the time of testing of your faith! Don't allow Satan to discourage you. I say this because I've been right where you are.

Know that I am praying for you, and continue to share your heart with me. I will be here for you every step of the way! May the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, guard your heart and your mind in Christ Jesus. That scripture just came to mind. Trust Him-Jesus Christ-above all that enters your heart and mind during this transition. Continue to lean on Him, and all His understanding...for HE knows the plans He has for you.

My prayer is that if anyone is identifying with my friend right now, you will find strength and encouragement in the Lord today. We all go through times like this. It's an adventure, yet even adventures are filled with uncertainties and struggles (like climbing a mountain-the view is great once you get there, and knowing that keeps you going, but the long haul upward can be almost unbearable at times).


Sheryll said...

Hey Laura,
I recently had a devotion about David and Goliath - that we have these "Goliaths" (i.e. trials, issues, PCS orders) in our lives and God is here to help us through it - to give us hope, comfort and confidence to deal with our "Goliaths." We need to remind ourselves that there are no giants that God cannot help us to conquer. Those of us who have had experienced several PCS moves, we can testify that its scary!! At our first duty station, my husband's commander's wife told me that there is always a bright light where ever we move to, sometimes we have to search a little harder or longer for it. God brings us to these posts for a reason. If we view our posts as "Goliaths," may I suggest that we give it to God to help us conquer it and see our posts as opportunities to grow in God's ministry. It may be for that one soldier, that one wife, that one family . . . or even for growth within us.

Laura said...

Great comment, Sheryll! Thanks!

Sheryll is one of my "bright lights" here at this post!