Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'm Home, He's Gone.

It's been a month since I've seen him in uniform. My heart skipped a beat. He's so handsome. I love seeing him in uniform! It's not just that he's handsome though, it's so much more. When he's in uniform:
  • I'm reminded that he cares about our country.
  • I'm reminded that he's serving our country, our God and our Soldiers.
  • I'm reminded that he is called to do this by Almighty God, and God walks with him every step of the way!
  • I'm reminded that he is a good, godly man who loves the Lord so much that he will walk this road, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice of losing his life.
  • I'm reminded that he loves me and our children and wants to provide for us - not only for our everyday needs of shelter and food, but for our freedom. What if men and women didn't defend it? I think that people forget this sometimes!
  • I'm reminded that God was gracious to me and gave me a wonderful husband.
  • I'm reminded how proud I am to have a husband who is willing to give his life for another.
  • I'm reminded how honored I am to be a wife of a soldier and chaplain.
  • I'm reminded that he serves the Lord. The cross on his uniform stands for hope for all people!
Duty calls and he must go. He'll return to the field and we won't see each other for a week or more (as it stands right now), but I'm OK with that. I know that this life we are called to is not about me, or him, and that we must do whatever it is the Army and the Lord calls us to do. I know that in reality it's not the Army that calls him away from our home anyway - it's the Lord. God has bigger plans for him this week than coming home to me every night. Spending time with his soldiers is good. They need him, too, and I'm willing to share. It doesn't mean I won't miss him...that's impossible. It just means I'm going to praise God for getting me home early Sunday so that I could spend the whole day with him, and that I'm going to praise God that he got the day off yesterday and we got to spend another whole day together again. And, as for the rest of the week, I know it's in the Lord's hands and I'm going to trust His plan and rejoice in the fact that I am home and surrounded by other soldiers and their families that are serving our country.

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MaryLu said...

You always say things so eliquently. I was thinking the same thing the other day and all I could think of was pride.
So glad you are home, your own bed always feels so good after being away.
Will you guys be at the Chaplain Anniversary picnic next week?
Hope to see you there.