Thursday, July 24, 2008


Yesterday I went to my first PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel) Bible Study. It was really good! In fact, I felt very comfortable there, met a lot of friendly women who are striving to live for Christ and loved it. I have been asking the Lord to help me know where HE wants me to be involved, and when I was away on vacation I felt the Lord leading me to go once I returned home (remember the post about being more engaged?). My daughter mentioned on Tuesday that we should go when we were at the gym, and so, believing that God laid it on her heart as well, we went. I had not told her what the Lord had laid on my heart before that.

When Wednesday morning rolled around a lot of things could have gotten in our way, but, praise God, nothing deterred us. We went and were blessed because of it. I'm glad God is showing me more and more of His plan and purpose. I'm glad for the time away so that I could truly miss so much of what I have here. As I walked around the post on Monday, seeing all the soldiers in uniform, I was thankful to be a part of the military community, even with the difficulties we face and the sacrifices being made. I believe God has great things in store for us if we'll but follow Him and listen to His voice. His timing is perfect. I believe THIS WEEK was the week I was to go to PWOC, and I look forward to joining the other women in worship, prayer, bible study, fellowship, and reaching out to other soldiers and their families.


Sara said...

Happy to hear you made the leap! :-)

MaryLu said...

I'm so glad you went. I hate that my schedule will not allow it right now, but maybe with 4 in school this fall and only one at home. We'll see.
I miss the fellowship of like-minded women.
I think it is a great place for a Chaplain's wife to be involved.