Thursday, July 3, 2008

What an experience!

This morning we flew back to the lake with a friend of mine who owns his own 4-seater plane, and it was a blast! I was a little worried about doing it, but it was a pretty amazing offer that I couldn't pass up. We all loved it. I even flew the plane for a while!! My husband told me I should get my pilot's license...I think I might just do that!

The twins and some of my family waited on the dock for us to fly by. I think we scared my dad a little when we passed by so low. It was worth all the motion sickness to fly down so close though!! Thanks, Mike. We all had a blast!!!

Here's about the time my dad almost had a heart attack! The twins told us we got a little too close for him. (Well, it was his only daughter and his granddaughter in there...)
See what I mean! It was so cool!!

Once we landed he took the twins and my niece up for a little ride, too. They thought that was so cool...and I tried not to think about it! I can understand how my dad felt...

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