Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Nineteen years ago, on August 19, we were at a horse show and I went into labor. My husband was actually out in the ring when we were certain the contractions were not letting up so my mom motioned to let him know what was going on. A friend rushed us to the hospital, as I lay in the back of the van with my head in my husband’s lap.

Once we arrived the contractions were sporadic, and I feared I would be sent home. The baby was already a week late and I could not stand the thought of having to go back home and wait it out. It’s a good thing the doctor agreed. My contractions never did become regular.

While the horse show rolled on, I continued to wait in the hospital for our 2nd precious gift from God to arrive. We were not sure if it would be a boy or girl (because back then they didn't really do sonograms unless something was wrong)…but I was praying for a girl. I had grown up quite the tom-boy, but by this time in my life I was ready for ribbons and bows, and frilly, pink, girly stuff.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of our beautiful baby girl…and I’ll share more of her story then!

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LAURIE said...

What great memories you have of your baby girl who is now a woman. May God shine on His daughter as she grows to be a godly woman like her Mother. -love and prayers, Laurie