Monday, August 11, 2008

Cheeseburger Ministry Pictures!

About two weeks ago my husband delivered 400 cheeseburgers to his soldiers out in the field. I'm so excited they finally got some pictures!! What a blessing to get to see the soldiers receiving them!

It's a very humbling thing to see our soldiers in uniform, and know how long and hard they work, and the times that they eat and drink can be few and far between; not to mention usually done very quickly, standing, or maybe sitting in the dirt, and with no time to digest before they're back to work.

On Wednesday of last week my husband had another "Duty Day with God" for 20 soldiers. My husband always comes home excited he was able to do things like this for them as their training schedules are extremely busy these days. This time they played paintball together after having lunch and time in the Word and prayer. I'm hoping someone got some pictures (I'm sure they just might take a while for me to get them)!


LAURIE said...

How awesome! We sometimes forget that our soldiers really miss ordinary things that are so easy for us to get our hands cheeseburgers! God bless. Laurie

tiffany said...

Wow. I saw the pictures of your husband in the miltary and it reminds me of my husband at work :)I most deff would love to connect with you..that sounds great!