Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hawaii Underwater Photos

Snorkeling fun! I discovered how beautiful God's creation is under the water on this day. I got a little emotional seeing all this for the first time. Whitney got a kick out of me screaming through my snorkel at the first fish I saw. About 10 minutes into our swim, I spotted this sea turtle!That was close enough for me. (It took me a while not to freak out...good thing Whitney was taking the photos...I probably would have dropped the camera on several occasions!) I wish the pictures were more clear. It's one of the most fascinating things ever to be swimming and observing life under the water.These two larger fish scared me a little...I didn't want them coming any closer.

This was probably one of my favorite things that we did. I'm ready to go back!!

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MaryLu said...

Did you guys ahve an underwater camera? How cool!
You guys are brave! LOL! I would have been screaming too.