Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hawaii Photos

Aloha! I'm sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures. Once we returned from Hawaii, we went camping for a few days. Anyways...we had a BLAST! It was so much much so that I'm hoping we get stationed there next round.I could fill my blog with photos from our trip...but that could take forever so I'll just stick to a few of my favorites. Enjoy!


The first beach we stepped foot on...My daughter took this photo from the patio restaurant we ate at the first night. We were still on the same beach seen above.Our first sunset in Hawaii...Another angle on the same beach.Hanauma Bay - where we went snorkeling. You can see pictures from our snorkeling here.
North Shore (below)...another beautiful beach! The flowers were amazing!Taken from our balcony. We were on the 28th floor. I loved to walk out first-thing in the morning to see the sun shining over the city, and feel the warmth on my skin. I could hardly wait for my daughter to get up so we could get outside (that's why I was always waking her up early!). No time to sleep...we only had five days to enjoy this beautiful place!
This was the beach where the wedding took place. When we arrived, the view took my breath away. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before! The song How Great is our God came to mind immediately. (The picture doesn't even give it justice.)

A special thanks to my sweet, wonderful husband for such an awesome Mother's Day gift. I love you, babe!!

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MaryLu said...

Gorgeous! I hope to be able to go someday, my Bear has gone and several of my family members, but I'm stuck here on the mainland. sigh...