Saturday, August 30, 2008

We did a lot of laughing...

This really happened on the way to Hawaii, on the plane:

Whitney and I didn’t have seats together so I asked the steward if something came available would he let me know. When he found two seats together for us, he came and told me and said he would go tell my daughter. Evidently he forgot which seat I said, and asked the girl in front of Whitney’s row if she had been separated from her mother. Here;s how the rest of the story went:

Girl: “Yea.” (in a very sweet, sentimental tone)

Steward: “She’s got a seat for you up front.”

Girl: “WHAT? …we were separated at birth!”

Whitney realized he was talking about her about the time I sent her a text wondering what was taking so long. I thought the steward forgot or something. We are still laughing about that one. (It was like something out of a sitcom.)


We’re walking down the beach, still full from lunch, about to get back in to the water to snorkel some more. Noticing that we only have three pictures left on our underwater camera, I told Whitney not to take any more pictures just in case we see something really good. Here’s how the rest of the conversation went…

Whitney: “Like a shark?”

Me: “No! If I see a shark I’m going to throw up.”

Whitney: “So…if you see a shark the first thing you’re going to do is throw up?”

Me: “Yep!”

Whitney: “…oh no! A shark…(barfing sounds) …bluuuuh…”

Whitney said she envisioned me choking on vomit in my snorkel.


We're looking at pictures from our trip one night and I see a picture of the back of myself...

Me: “I don’t remember that.”

Whitney: “Mom…because you were turned around!” duh…


Me: “I have a scar!”

Whitney: “A scar? Mom…that would an indention! …not a scar. You just got that today from the goggles. It'll go away eventually!”

This trip was such a blessing. The sights were amazing, but the time with my daughter was priceless.

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MaryLu said...

Separated at birth! Oh, brother, how embarrassing!
You guys crack me up!