Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 - Never Forget!

It's been seven years... My mind still goes back to that day when a close friend of mine called and we actually watched on T.V. as the towers began to crumble. We could hardly believe our eyes! I can only imagine what it was like for those who had family or friends there at that time. Today, seven years later, I'm still shocked that terrorist were able to do this on American soil. When people talk about whether we did the right thing or not by going to war, I always tell them we better be glad we're fighting over there and not here. When I think about other people, whether American or not, being terrorized by someone, I know we are doing what's right. Yes! I hate that American lives are being sacrificed. It kills me to know we have thousands of our soldiers in harm's way. But, we can never forget what took place on our soil. We MUST be willing to fight for what is matter the cost! We must never forget...and we must never back down from upholding peace and justice for ALL.

Lord, be with the many families and friends of those who lost their lives due to terrorist attacks on our soil. Bring comfort as they still mourn the loss of their loved ones. Keep our country safe from other attacks, and help us to never forget: those who died during the attacks, those who willingly gave their own life to help those in need, those who fought in the war and died and those who returned home but will forever remember what they experienced there, and those who continue to sacrifice for our freedom. Bless them, keep them safe, and bring them home soon. Be with the many who are preparing to go and take someone's place in the war; be with the families left behind. In Jesus name, Amen.

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