Monday, September 8, 2008


My twins have two boys they hang out with all the time and about two minutes ago one of their dads left for deployment. As I watched my twins stand there with their friend, waiting for him to leave to take his dad to the airport, I found myself wondering what my boys were thinking. It's been the topic of discussion several times here as his departure drew near and the dates in which he was supposed to leave changed a few times, but they never really say how they feel, or what crosses their mind about their dad possibly deploying.

I know as their friend's dad leaves it has to hit home a little more for them. I know that they are sensitive to how their friend might be feeling right now. In fact, Dillon said to Darby, "Don't go over to C's house right now because they are probably spending time together before his dad leaves." I know they are good friends for each other and will help each other through this...what a blessing to have friends like that!

I'm not thankful someone's (anyone's) dad has to deploy, but what I am thankful for is the opportunity to witness friendship in my children's lives, and the lives of other children around me.

God bless our Soldiers and their families as they are apart.


Theresa said...

It's hard to watch Daddy's leave. I hate it. We have a neighbor accross the street getting ready to leave in the next couple of weeks and it breaks my heart. Your boys are great. I miss you too, by the way :) Let me know when you are free. I've been going to the gym after I drop the boys off. Rachel likes the nursery and I like some time to myself. See you soon!

Meredith said...

This one brought tears to my eyes. Over the next 4 months or so, most of the daddies on our street will be deploying. I don't know who goes first but I hope that all these kids will pull together in this same way and be there for each other.