Saturday, January 22, 2011

Military Balls

Well, tonight it wasn't my husband and I dressing up for a military ball; it was our twins. They are there now and I'm praying they are having a great time, and making new friends. They looked so handsome in their uniforms that the girls will probably want to go say hi, and the other guys might be a little jealous. :)
A big "thank you" to everyone who has been praying for them in this transition. We can tell they are doing better. I think tonight will be another positive step since they were excited to be going! :)

Update: They had a really good time!! :)

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Tettelestai said...

moving can be so hard, and i begin to worry about my kids more as they get older. i just heard it gets harder for them :-(

i would be a button poppin' mama if my boys were all dressed in greens for a military ball. i bet they look great!