Friday, January 21, 2011


All four of us in the family make the comment time and time again how quickly the days seem to fly by. I'm not sure if it's the daily sunshine or what, but it's nice...nice when it's the work/school week.

If someone were to ask me, "What's it like when your husband comes home from a year-long deployment?"...well, this is what I'd say...

I want to spend ALL my time with him, day and night! He's been home since mid-July but it feels like it was yesterday sometimes. I never take my time with him for granted. When he's at work I miss him. When he's in another room I miss him.

I'm pretty sure it's the same for him for the most part. He usually calls me around 11:30 to see if I want to come to his office for lunch. Of course, my answer is always yes. I find myself making sure I'm ready for the call and could leave the house or a store if/when he calls.

Call me crazy...I am crazy. Crazy in love! So, I guess I say all this to say that I'm thankful the work-week is almost over and I can spend 24 hours a day with my husband for the next two days. Love it!


Natasha said...

Enjoy your time. It does fly by!

Thank you for always sharing and being so honest with your words. I found your blog a long time ago when my husband first started his journey into the Army to become a chaplain. He is finishing up seminary this semester and is a chaplain candidate serving with an MP brigade in Nashville.

Laura said...

Thanks Natasha for the comment. It's nice to meet you via my blog. If you ever want to chat via email just let me know. Best wishes as you continue down this road.