Monday, August 22, 2011

A soon-to-be Addition to the Family

If you know me well, you won't be asking if I'm pregnant...since that's not even possible! And, if you know me well, you probably won't ask me if we're getting a pet...since we (my husband and I) haven't wanted a pet in MANY YEARS!!...but...well...we've finally given in to our BEGGING twin boys, asking OVER and OVER and OVER for a dog.

Early July, while a friend was here visiting for a week, we took her shopping and at this particular store they were having Adoption Saturday (if I had remembered I would have avoided). No, we didn't adopt a dog...but it began the begging even more so than in the past. I will admit, one of the dogs stole my heart a little, but I still didn't move forward with getting him even though the boys really seemed to like him too (we have, however, gone by to visit him several times at the Humane Society). We all agreed we weren't sure adopting was the best idea. I do love going to the Humane Society and visiting all the different kinds of dogs though.

Then, after taking my husband to the Humane Society a few weeks ago, we started to talk about getting a dog/puppy and agreed on the same breed - a beagle.

This Friday we will get our little pup, one day short of eight weeks old. The boys agreed to help pay for him...and after much searching and weeding through so many scams, we found someone who actually HAD real puppies. I am still in shock of the scams. Note: Don't ever buy a dog without talking on the phone to someone!! We had so many conversations with people via email but knew better than to move forward without a phone call, but it's just amazing to me how many scams there are out there!! We'd get responses like, "I just moved and don't have a phone yet"...who doesn't have a cell phone these days? ...or wouldn't find a way to call if someone was going to pay you $$??? Or, "I'll call you when I get off work, but until then let me get your information so I can get everything set up to get the puppy to you..." Seriously?? Who would respond to that? Be careful!!

Anyway, my husband will be bringing our new beagle pup home by plane Friday. I told the boys he will either love or hate the puppy by the time he gets home. I imagine he'll have a few funny stories...but praying he (the puppy) sleeps for the short plane ride! :) He'll be flying in the cabin at my husband's feet! :) Can't help but laugh when I think about it...if you know my husband well, you're laughing too. The carrier had to be manly...and when I mentioned putting a diaper (yes, they have those) he refused. At first. When someone else mentioned it was a good idea, and gave him two, he took them. haha!

Here's a photo the owner took for me last week...he looks bigger than he is in this picture. He weighs about 3 1/2 lbs.
Adorable, isn't he?!?!
We still have to decide on a name...(ideas??)
He kind of looks like a little bandit in this photo...hmm...


Sheryll said...

How adorable! He looks like a "bandit!" He has a mask across his face! Enjoy having your new addition! Can't wait to hear how the airplane trip goes!!

Natasha said...

Too cute! I have a cat I'll gladly let you have!

Laura said...

Thanks Sheryll. I will keep you posted! haha! Miss you and praying for you!

Natasha - no thanks! haha. Not a big cat fan since they are kinda snobs (that's what my husband calls them). :)

Sheryll said...

Thanks Laura! Miss you, too!

oops, I need to update my google picture!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Very cute :o) We had a sweet little beagle when our children were real little, but we had to give her to some friends before we got reassigned, since we were not sure of the housing that would be available...and then our three left notes to their dad everywhere when they were younger, that said things like "A puppy..Please, please, please, Dad." or "We will take care of a puppy!" that was for our yellow lab in Alabama, again another military move dictated that we find a loving home for her, which we did with dear friends. Later in Kentucky, before my husband left for Iraq in 2002, he surprised our then 12 year old son with a chocolate lab. Yet, again, a couple years later, when our son was having to be hospitalized for long periods of times due to chemo treatments, another dear family friend stepped in and welcomed her into their home with their other lab. (With being in the hospital so frequently and for the time, it was not fair to "Liberty" and looking back, we realize that she had knew that our son was going through something even before we got the diagnosis- she would get "sick" during that time frame. (We are thankful and blessed that our son is an awesome testimony of God's healing and he is a strong, on-fire-for-the Lord 21 year old college student.)
So, for now, we enjoy our daughter and son in law's two pups, when we visit or when they visit.

Blessings & Aloha!
I didnt see where to "follow" your blog, but I have you on my sidebar of military blogs. :o)