Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Fun in the sun on 4th of July Chaplain's picnic

We spend a lot of time with these three other families. I wish our children were here with us, and Heather and Scott wish their daughter was here, but it's still been great. Last night, after spending the morning and afternoon together, we sat around one of the couples tiny apartment in a circle and ate pizza and told stories. Mainly the guys told stories...they have lots of them about what they are going through here. One of the biggest blessings for all of us women is watching them have such a great time together and hearing what goes on from day to day. God is good! Later we all went to see the fireworks. It was an amazing feeling to be there with all those soldiers and celebrate the freedom we have and remember those who've lost their lives for our freedom, truly amazing! We know we look silly in our life jackets, but it wasn't an option!
The captain of the ship... although he did let one of the kids drive!
The day was filled with laughter and friendship and care-free moments. This picture of Katie (below) really just says it all. We had a lot of fun just getting to know each other and enjoying the beautiful really was one of those "let's just have some fun" day.

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