Thursday, July 5, 2007

I could only begin to imagine what was running through his mind as we looked out across the field and saw thousands of soldiers. Some of those very men may be ones that he will minister to in the months and years ahead, while other soldiers are already on post where we will move soon awaiting his arrival. What's it all about, Lord?
Are we truly grasping all that You, God, have in store for him as he speaks and leads and serves our soldiers? I think not. Only time will allow us to see what it is You have in store for him, for us, for our family. You are our Guide and Compass through this grand adventure. Only You can calm the thoughts of "how are we going to do this, what's it all look like, what are the sacrifices we will make, who will come to know You because of his faithfulness to serve You..."
You are the Calm.

You have this puzzle in Your hands. I thank You for the pieces of this picture we can't fully see yet...all the while trusting You because we know You have a plan and purpose. Thank You, Lord, for using us to furthur Your kingdom. Help us to remain faithful and to let You lead every step of the way. Help us to give it all to You and let You use us as you see fit.
Not our will, but Yours, Lord!
Thank You, Lord, for allowing me to be here with Kevin. To experience some of what he is experiencing. To hear his laughter and see the smile on his face every day because he knows You have placed him here for such a time as this. For the joy I see in his face as he is fulfilling the plan and purpose You've set before him. Thank You for the thousands of soldiers serving our country, and for the chaplains that minister to them. Thank You for your love for mankind. May we share it each and every day!
Thank You for these other chaplains that You placed in Kevin's life and the great time they are having together. For the laughter. For the love they have for You.

Thank You for their beautiful wives that I've had the priviledge to get to know. Thank You for their lives that they've been willing to share with me. For the laughter. For the stories that tell me who they are. For the love they have for their husbands. For their faithfulness to You that speaks to my heart as I am with them. For the love they have for soldiers and their families. Thank You for this piece of our puzzle that has forever changed my life. I am grateful, Lord.

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