Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baking with the twins!

Dad's in the field and we're spending the evening baking sweets (dad will love that!), and having fun singing and dancing in the kitchen. They've become quite good lil' cooks! They are counting down the days for their sister to arrive for Thanksgiving. I bet that will be a fun day in my kitchen since they like to help me cook all the time now! Here's some pictures of our fun...

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Dawn said...

Great pictures! I bet the cookies turned out yummy!
I love cookie dough! Mmmmm cookie dough.......
My husband is going to the field the 1st week of December which is a good thing because then I can get away and do the last minute Christmas items for him :)
Actually I wouldn't say it's a field problem...I mean, they will be staying at night in barracks! Geez! :)

The Lord bless thee!