Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I love this picture of my son and daughter. It was taken on Sunday at their Nana's house, when they were spending their last few hours together before he left for basic training. I love the love that they've always had for each other. I know they will miss each other a lot!!!

It was tough to sleep last night with my husband in the field for the next few days, my daughter going through a very difficult time in her life right now, and wondering what my son's new adventure has been like thus far. I wonder what my son is doing right now and if everything is good. I've been wondering that since about 6:30 last night since I'm sure by then his feet had hit the ground at basic training. I'm sure he's been up for at least a few hours now (something he's not really used to!) and I pray he's loving it (if that's even possible right now).

Although I hate that my daughter is going through so much right now, we're very excited that she will be moving here with us in January!! It's not been easy being separated from us and now her brother is away, and she's no longer with her boyfriend, so there's nothing really holding her there. She'll visit next week as planned (bringing what she can with her), and we'll go home for Christmas and our son's graduation from training, and then she'll join us here in January. I've felt in my heart for some time now that moving here with us for a little while (still going to college) might be best for her. Now I know! Her twin brothers are extremely happy about this. They have really missed her. It was so cute to hear how they felt about it, and knowing how happy it made them confirmed it for me.

I hope we are on the downhill slide of experiencing so much change. I thought it would have ended by now, but only God knows when it really will. Maybe it never will. Being in the military can mean a lot of changes at any given time, and with little or no notice. I hate to even write this, but I must because it is so much on my heart - I hope and pray God isn't bringing my daughter here to help me cope with my husband being sent off to war. I pray that is nowhere in the near future (though I know his unit is scheduled for sometime late next year) and that this war ends very, very soon. With so much uncertainty, and the great need for Chaplains, I can't help but wonder this. I pray with all my heart that is not the case!!!

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