Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our son is headed to Basic Training!

I can't believe it - He just got on the plane about 20 minutes ago and we're so excited for him!!! [sigh...] Since we're thousands of miles away, I called his girlfriend to get the low down on everything. She went to see him off this morning and spend as long as she could with him. Her plane left before him, but he called when he could. She said he met three other guys that are going into Pararescue and he was really excited about that. All those leaving for Basic were put into groups of 8 and one of the other PJ's he said seemed really cool was in that group. Then at lunch they broke into groups of 4 and, again, he was with our son. Evidently they had gotten to know each other some and discovered that each other were Christians and he asked our son to pray before they ate lunch. Hearing that made my heart leap! I love our son's heart for the Lord and I've prayed he will have other men with him who have that same heart.

His girlfriend said she could hear so much excitement in his voice and we are all thrilled for him and his first experience with others new Soldiers! Praise the Lord! She also said he was chosen to be a group leader and was nervous about that and guarding all the important docs he had been given with his life. That made me think about how much he really is like his dad. Every time his dad said he didn't want to be a leader he was chosen...

We're so proud our son and can't wait to hear all about his time there. I pray December comes very quickly! It's going to be so difficult not to hear from him all the time and know what's going on in his life for a few weeks. I told him I'd buy him stamps on one condition...that he wrote me. I bought him a phone card knowing he would probably call his girlfriend more than us...but that's OK.

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Dawn said...

Oh boy... I remember being sworn in for basic training...I felt so grown up at the ripe age of 18...LOL.

December is only 12 days away so you will get to see your son soon!

I remember graduating basic training Dec. 2nd and the freezing cold air and just feeling so proud that I accomplished something other than graduating high school...LOL.

God has truly blessed you with a wonderful family!

In Him,