Sunday, November 11, 2007

Worship and Veterans Day

Worship at chapel was wonderful today!! It was so great to just stop for a little while and not think about anything but the Lord and worship him. One of the new Chaplains (who my husband has gotten to know from their training in Hawaii together) preached today and it was a great sermon on worship.

After chapel on post, we went to the church we've been attending off post and they were recognizing Veterans today so all Soldiers and Veterans were asked to wear their uniforms. I LOVE to see our Soldiers in their uniforms in church. There's this overwhelming feeling that wells up within me when I look out across the congregation and see Soldiers in uniform worshipping the Lord. Before the invitation was given, they asked for any Chaplains present to come forward to pray together for our soldiers in harm's way. It made me cry to see my husband, the pastor and two other Chaplains on their knees, with their arms over each other's shoulders, praying for our Soldiers.

I thought back to all the years in the past when my husband was a pastor and would get emotional preaching on such special days like today, thinking about our Soldiers, and I was grateful for where the Lord has brought us. I won't say it's easy for us with the thought always there that it could mean he ends up in the war, but I know God has him as a Chaplain for a reason and it makes me happy to know he is following the Lord's call.

Happy Veterans Day to all those who are serving or have served our country. I appreciate you and pray God's blessing and protection on your life.

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Dawn said...

Just happened to stumble across your blog as I was looking for someone else's. :)
I too, am a military wife (Army) and I used to be in the Army myself as a chaplain assistant till they kicked me out because I couldn't pass my PT test...LOL. Oh well, their loss, not mine :)
I am also a born again Christian striving daily to serve the One who saved my soul from an eternal hell. Praise God! :)

Just wanted to say hello and wish you a blessed Tuesday!