Friday, November 2, 2007

Celebrating the lives of two very special boys!!!

Today our twins are 12 years old!! Like their dad said this only seems like days ago that they were crawling around on the floor! They are such amazing young boys and we're so proud of them. They put a smile on our faces every day and we can't imagine life without them.

We're no longer near family and close friends so this birthday will be a bit different, but I've made sure it'll be very special. Before they woke up this morning I decorated the house with streamers and balloons and a birthday banner. I've planned cake decorating (they love to cook these days...and they're getting quite good at it, too!), rock climbing at our gym, watching a movie, dinner at their new favorite place - Red Robin (if dad can get off in time because it gets very crowded!) and going to the store to buy the gift they've been wanting - a Wii. They're so excited!!! Well, we're off to start our day of fun.

We celebrate your lives today, boys! Thanks for all you do and for being such wonderful boys. We're blessed to have you in our lives!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Darby and Dillon. We love and miss you. Delaina and family. :)

Paulette said...

Happy Birthday Boys!!! I don't think you could have had a better Birthday anywhere but there because this is the Birthday God intended just for you both. I did think about you today, and your cards will be a bit late.
You are loved and thought of even on a very busy day!!
Happy 12 to you both!!