Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our Airman and pictures from graduation week

Graduation week began on Thursday morning with the Airman's Run. My husband and I were able to be with him on Christmas day, but his girlfriend and sister and everyone else with us were waiting with great anticipation to see him for the first time in six weeks.Imagine the feeling of not being able to figure out which one he was as everyone looked so much alike. The first time he passed by we couldn't find him quick enough so we were happy to know he would turn around and run past us again. This time the sun was shining way too brightly for a good picture, but I put it on here to remind me of this moment when we all stood together in the freezing cold awaiting his arrival and how it felt to wait all that time and not be able to find him the first time. When he ran back by, he was waving his hands trying to get our attention...not wanting us to miss seeing him again. He's the third Airman from the back.
Later in the day they had the coin ceremony. This is his squadron marching towards us. He's the 2nd Airman in the 4th row from the left. I was already fighting the tears by this time.
Here he's standing close enough to hear us talking. We couldn't have asked for better seats! He's the 2nd Airman from the left. This picture puts a smile on my face, tears in my eyes and a burst of pride in my heart to see him come to this point of accomplishment in his life...way to go, son!!!
He receives his coin. After the coin ceremony he was given base liberty and we had the opportunity to spend several hours with him.
Friday arrives and graduation begins! It was a wonderful ceremony and such a blessing to see the sense of accomplishment and fulfillment on his face.
Here they are...across the field from us. We can hardly wait for them to pass by!
His TI (Training Instructor) and Guide-On for his squadron. He really liked his TI. Here they are marching in front of us and our son is the 2nd Airman on the far side. We all thought they looked like something out of the movies with their trench coats on. Below they are about to take their oath of office again before the commander. His flight was recognized for being Honor Flight! After graduation we checked out his dorm and took a few photos. Imagine having to salute your dad...it was a cool moment for them, but we missed it the first time on the field so this is a pose. It was pretty special to see them both in uniform together! Our last family photo for a while...
It was a very special day, one I will never forget. 31 of his family and friends were there to cheer him on and show their love and support. We're all very proud of him and wish him all the best as he continues to train for Pararescue.

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Jenn Raburn said...

Laura - you have such a beautiful family! I have really enjoyed catching up with you and what has been going on in your family. Congratulations on your oldest son's accomplishment!