Saturday, February 9, 2008

Blessing in a Bag

Today we slept in and went out for a quick lunch on post. When we returned home, the twins and dad went in and I went back out to the PX to look for a gift for someone at church. Our church off post has what they call "The Blessing Brigade"...where we honor a Soldier at war and his family by praying for them and giving the family here at home a "blessing in a bag." This was my week to fill a bag for a certain Soldier's wife. I must have walked around for an hour before I finally finished shopping for her. I kept thinking about her and what she must be going through and nothing seemed adequate.

At one point I felt a little overwhelmed. What could I give to someone I didn't even know? I asked the Lord to help me find give me insight. I remember when my husband was in Bosnia and Croatia while in the Air Force. I remember feeling lonely - sometimes even when other people were around, worn out, scared, fearful of what might happen to him....the list goes on and on. What could I give her to let her know she is loved and cared for by others? What could I put in that bag that would bring her peace and comfort?

I'm not sure if the items inside the bag will be something she likes, but I pray the thought of someone out there putting this bag together for her will bless her week. I hurt for her and I don't even know her. I hurt for all the families who are seperated right now. It's tough! And most of them will tell you it's still tough when they're finally back together again. I want to bless them. I want to know how to reach out to them more and share the love of Jesus with them.

Lord, bless this young couple that is seperated right now. Bless all our Soldiers and their families that are seperated right now. Bless those who are preparing to be apart soon. Bless our Soldiers down range. Keep them safe each and every moment of every day and through the night. Give them strength to endure and a peace that passes all understanding. Guard their hearts and minds. Protect them from the enemy and bring them home safely very, very soon. Amen.

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