Thursday, February 7, 2008

Playing catch up!

I haven't had a lot of time to write lately as I've been out doing something a bit different with my time during the day. I'll start from the beginning...

When our daughter came to live with us I told her she should go talk to the manager at the flower shop about a job. She did and was hired. A few weeks later, we were up at the PX and we stopped by the flower shop and her manager asked me if I was ready to help with thousands of roses coming in for Valentine's Day. Somehow she even knew my first name.

Our daughter said she never mentioned my name, just that I had worked in a flower shop years ago and might be willing to help when needed. I took it as a sign...

I had begun to pray about whether or not to get a part-time job, even if just for a little while. I loved working in the flower shop years ago, and felt like I could easily pick it back up. What I didn't know was if they would work with my hours. The most important thing for me is to be able to be there for my husband and our twins. I don't want anything to interfere with that! I left it in the Lord's hands.

When I went back in to talk to the manager she said to write down what I could work and she'd work with me. I didn't really expect her to work with me when I said I couldn't work evenings or weekends, but she did. I felt that if this was from the Lord she would honor my request.

Tonight I sit here, a little more tired than I've been in a long time. Standing on your feet for seven hours straight can be a little much, but it has been SO MUCH FUN!!! The shop reminds me of the one I worked at when my husband was in the Air Force...only that time I would go in and leave my little girl with daddy or a babysitter. Today, I'm going to work with my daughter and I love it! I get tickled hearing her helping customers while I'm making bouquets in the back. On Tuesday we cut 1600 roses together and then teased each other that evening about who worked harder.

I count it all as a blessing from the Lord and I'll work there as long as He would have me I believe He has me there for a reason, just as He did with my other jobs.

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MaryLu said...

Missed you lately, don't work too hard, wear good shoes and I'll stop in at the PX and see if you are around the next time I go through there!