Saturday, February 9, 2008

Missing a special preacher!

This is a picture of my husband on his last Sunday to stand before our church in Texas.

Tonight I stayed up late to spend some time with the Lord when I noticed my husband's sermon notes up on the laptop. Tomorrow morning he will lead two services in the field for his Soldiers. I was drawn to his notes and, as I read, tears filled my eyes as I thought about how much I really miss hearing him preach. I try not to ever lose sight of what we are here for though. I realized how special these Soldiers are to him when he told me he was running in Burger King today to order 150 cheeseburgers to take out to the field tomorrow for all them.

During church last week, I slipped him a note that said, "I sure miss your preaching, babe!" And I meant it more than he probably even realizes. He's a great preacher, and I love hearing and seeing his heart for the Lord when he stands to preach. Even after 9 months, it's still strange to me to not be getting up really early on Sunday mornings and heading to the church to prepare for the service together.

I can't go into the field with him no matter how badly I want to! I am excited for moments when he has the opportunity to go preach in the field though. I know there is something special about preaching to the Soldiers in the field, and I know the Soldiers are blessed by hearing the Word of God and having the opportunity to worship the Lord during training. The only thing I ask of the Lord is that I get to hear him preach again soon. That's my prayer!


Meredith said...

I second your feelings! I love hearing my husband preach too and I miss it. It's hard not to be just a little jealous of the soldiers at that time but they deserve good preachers too!!!

Eddy Williams said...


I am so glad that you love to hear Kevin preach. I am very proud of you guys. Keep writing so we can keep up with you and we can know how to pray for you. Kathy and I love to read your blogs.


Eddy and Kathy