Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random thoughts...and a few photos

This morning I took our twins to the airport to put them on a plane, all by themselves, to go see family back home in Texas. It's one of those moments in time where you feel very nervous as a mom...when you have to step back and let go a little. It wasn't easy!

Walking out of the airport, all by myself, I realized it's only a matter of time until I'm going to have to let go a little more...and it, too, won't be easy! Hearing their voices on the phone, just four hours later and many miles between us, was strange. Knowing they were safely there was a great feeling.

It's a lot like the feeling I have when our oldest son calls. When I hear his voice, and he tells me he's doing well, I feel that same sort of relief.

Today, and every day, I thank the Lord for my family. They are very, very precious to me. I pray that the twins have a wonderful time with their extended family, as I'm sure they will, and I look forward to joining them in just a couple of weeks. It's only a short while until I get to spend time with my oldest son, too. I can hardly wait!!!

Everyone, but dad, will get to be in Texas for a few weeks. I was teasing him tonight, asking him what his favorite restaurant was and telling him I would go eat there for him. That's the least I can do for him...

Anyways, I'm rambling... here's a few pictures from the last month that I haven't posted yet.
Camping...we had so much fun! We burned lots and lots of wood! This was our "hicks out in the sticks" picture. The next few pictures are from one of the boys track meets.
Dad always had lots of good advice for his boys... I loved watching him teaching them, knowing all the while it was taking him back to his high school days...
Every single time we take some sort of family photo it feels weird to me. I feel the hole left when this one child is missing. I miss him so much. I miss those hugs and can't wait to spend time with him again...
Boys - I love you and miss you already. Have fun in Texas!!!
Son - see you soon!!!

P.S. Hopefully, soon I will have some photos of the new house to post. I'm still working slowly at the decorating, as I'm trying to spend time with my husband as much as possible, too. We all love the new house. It's such a blessing!


LAURIE said...

Laura, thanks for sharing the photos and I know you will miss the twins but sounds like you will be able to get alot accomplished in the new place while they are gone. Have a wonderful weekend! - Blessings, Laurie

Meredith said...

Have fun settling into the new place! We were told ours should be ready Monday. We are so excited about it. Two other chaplains families live on the same street, there are lots of little girls for my girls to play with, and the playground is literally right out our back fence. Of course, right now, I'll just be happy with air conditioning!