Thursday, August 14, 2008

A follow up to Yesterday

Sometimes we have our whole day planned out, yet things change. We often wonder why until suddenly something happens to bring it all together for you.

Yesterday, only minutes after posting on my blog, I walk upstairs to finish getting dressed for the day when I hear my daughter screaming. I open the bathroom door to find her on the floor in, visibly, extreme pain. She's completely pale, trying to tell me where it hurts and I'm not sure what to do. I become worried as she tells me it's the worse pain she's ever felt, and it's not subsiding. It came on very quickly, while she was in the shower, and all I could think is it must be her appendix. For fear that she looks like she could pass out at any moment, I call 911.

Within like three minutes they are at my door and checking her out. They tell me to follow them to the ER on post so off we go. I can't find a parking spot ANYWHERE. I literally parked out in a field across the road and hurry as fast as I can, all the while still trying to reach her dad, who I know is in a meeting. I thought to myself, at least I had reached Skyler...and, by then, I figured he beat me there.

I get there and she's much calmer. Skyler has made it. They administer a pain killer and the pain subsides considerably. After many tests, they determine nothing...

While there, I eventually made my way to the bathroom. As I walked in, there sat a soldier (woman) in a wheelchair. She was crying and looked as though she had hurt her knee very badly. The nurse had run to get something and had her wait there. I asked her her name, gave her a hug, and asked if I could pray for her. Then I asked her if she had any family nearby, to which she replied, "No, my husband died four months ago," as tears streamed down her face. I hugged her again while I tried to keep my composure to asked her if I could leave my name and number with her. I think it stunned her a little that a stranger would reach out to her like that. I, myself, was a little stunned that God put me there at just that moment. (I don't believe in coincidences!)

I have no earthly idea if she will ever contact me, but what I do know is God used some pretty drastic measures to get me to the hospital yesterday. haha! I don't mind. My daughter is perfectly fine today and I'm thankful. If God chooses to mess with my plans, I'm okay with that...though I did miss my time with my friend, Sheryll...for only He knows what people all over this world need. I had never seen that woman before in my life, but God had. I'm certain He knew she needed someone yesterday, and I'm glad I could be there for her.


tiffany said...

That look like it was a very eventfull day for you. God knows when things are more important than hang out with a friend. Im so happy that you made another person happy. Thats what god likes to see. If we had more people in the world that can do the things you did yesterday then this world would be a better place...

Paulette said...

Wow so thankful they found nothing but hope it doesnt happen again. Glad she is ok. Scarey.
Love ya'll

MaryLu said...

It is all God's timing and God's plans.
I hope W is doing better.
(It's been a while since I came by your blog, praying for you guys.)